Company Profile

Martin Smock
Martin V. “Bud” Smock

Jean S. Smock
Owner & CEO

Deborah ThomsonDeborah Smock Thomson

Nancy M. Buhagiar
Vice President
Operations and Finance

W. Michael Marquis
Vice President Rescue Sales

Rescue 1 was founded in 1985 by Martin (Bud) V. Smock, a true entrepreneur in the emergency vehicle manufacturing industry. His forward thinking and passion led to many ambulance and rescue innovations over the years. Once launched, Rescue 1 quickly became a premier manufacturer of Heavy Rescue Apparatus. PL Custom Emergency Vehicles, the parent company of Rescue 1 has been manufacturing emergency vehicles since 1946. As owner of a family-owned business, Bud’s vision for the company was to offer high quality customized products, while establishing personalized relationships with each individual customer.

With Bud’s passing in 2006, Jean Smock assumed the roll of CEO, maintaining the family-owned business. Deborah Smock Thomson, Bud’s daughter, has been with the company since 1978. Over the years she has developed a nearly unmatched knowledge of the industry and in 2015 took over the reins as President of the company.

Nancy Buhagiar joined PL Custom in 2007 and has been instrumental in many improvements to our finance department and manufacturing operations. Nancy now holds the position of Vice President of Operations and Finance.

Mike Marquis has been with the company since 1983 and holds the position of Vice President of Rescue Sales. Mike is well known in the industry as having the highest level of rescue vehicle product knowledge. He can quickly connect a customer’s specific need with the Rescue 1 product.

Rescue 1, a small manufacturer by design, is able to focus on our customers specialized needs. As a Rescue Specialist, all of our resources are focused on designing and manufacturing your custom rescue vehicle.

All models of rescue vehicles are offered: Walk-Around, Walk-In and Crew Walk-In. All rescue body layouts are custom designed for each individual department’s requirements, supporting the needs for Extrication, Fire Support, Fire Command, Communications, Hazmat, Air and Lighting etc. All vehicles meet the latest standards of NFPA.

Rescue 1 has remained a stable, reliable company over the years and has maintained our vision as an independently owned, customer focused manufacturer of high quality rescue vehicles.

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